Get tips for amazing Seller Descriptions​​

Don’t fight the pow­er, embrace it. The “Sell­er Descrip­tion” sec­tion of your inven­to­ry list­ings can be a pow­er­ful tool that engages your vis­i­tors. But only if you use it for more than a list of vehi­cle fea­tures and oth­er gener­ic copy. Here are a few best prac­tice tips:

1.  Think of your audi­ence. Imag­ine who the buy­er might be for that spe­cif­ic car and write your head­line and descrip­tion specif­i­cal­ly for that cus­tomer.

2.  Avoid the gener­ic. Make your list­ings stand out by being unique with sen­so­ry adjec­tives and copy that appeal to your customer’s imag­i­na­tion.

3.  Be con­ver­sa­tion­al. Write copy as if you were talk­ing to the cus­tomer right there on your lot.

4.  Use pow­er words and avoid “pas­sive” words. Use words like “free,” “instant­ly,” “now” and “new” and avoid pas­sive lan­guage like “may,” “could,” and “try.”

With CARFAX® Used Car List­ings, we allow buy­ers to find cars based on the cri­te­ria they care most about, includ­ing vehi­cle his­to­ry and through a great Sell­er Descrip­tion, you can make an emo­tion­al con­nec­tion to the buy­er. Con­nect your list­ing to that emo­tion and you’ll be pleased with the results.

For all the Sell­er Descrip­tion best prac­tices, plus oth­er great tips for max­i­miz­ing your CARFAX Used Car List­ings sub­scrip­tions, please click here to learn more ways to con­nect with buy­ers online.

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