Autobytel Takes Full Ownership of AutoWeb

Auto Remarketing - October 1, 2015

Auto­by­tel increased its own­er­ship of AutoWeb from 15% to 100% in an all-out stock deal. AutoWeb is described as “an auc­tion-based click mar­ket­place” of in-mar­ket shop­pers for deal­ers and automak­ers. Auto­by­tel thinks blend­ing its own lead-gen­er­a­tion and cus­tomer-acqui­si­tion tools with the ana­lyt­ics plat­form that AutoWeb pro­vides should “fur­ther improve the over­all deliv­ery of high-con­vert­ing, in-mar­ket con­sumers to deal­ers and OEMs.”



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