Tips for Writing a Vehicle Description That Sells

You don’t have to spend mon­ey on expen­sive ads and pre­mi­um place­ments to dri­ve the suc­cess of your online list­ings. You’ve got some­thing even more impact­ful – a vehi­cle descrip­tion. This is your oppor­tu­ni­ty to tell your vehicle’s sto­ry and win over your cus­tomers. Make your first impres­sion count.  With CARFAX® Used Car List­ings, we allow buy­ers to find cars based on the cri­te­ria they care most about, includ­ing vehi­cle his­to­ry. High­light in your descrip­tions some of the vehi­cle his­to­ry details each unit in your inven­to­ry has that cus­tomers want most, such as Car­fax 1-Own­er, ser­vice records and no report­ed acci­dents.

Dis­cov­er how to make your list­ings stand out with vibrant and com­pelling vehi­cle descrip­tions with these tips:

  • Make an out­line. Some­times it’s eas­i­er to write if you have a list of what you want to say.
  • Write a first draft fast. If you’re hav­ing trou­ble, just start writ­ing and don’t wor­ry about whether it’s good or bad. You can (and should) always go back and edit.
  • Think of your audi­ence. Imag­ine who the buy­er might be for that spe­cif­ic car and write your head­line and descrip­tion specif­i­cal­ly for that cus­tomer.

Learn more about how to write a vehi­cle descrip­tion that sells by click­ing here for all the tips.  To start list­ing your inven­to­ry on CARFAX Used Car List­ings, sign up today by call­ing 888–788‑7715.



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