Summer Softer than Usual While Fall Shows Early Signs of Value Declines


Dan Galves
Galves Auto Price List

Sum­mer sea­son has not expe­ri­enced the usu­al used vehi­cle val­ue ero­sion pat­terns that are typ­i­cal­ly seen at this time of year. There has been soft­en­ing through­out the seg­ments, but the decline has been less steep and some seg­ments are ben­e­fit­ing from cheap fuel prices. Full-size domes­tic SUVs have been stand­ing out for strong mar­ket per­for­mance – espe­cial­ly Tahoes, Escalades, and Nav­i­ga­tors.

Here’s the lat­est issue of Galves Auto Price List

Cheap Gas Prices Also Soft­ened Fall of Full-Size Sedans, Pick­ups and Vans:
High­er-end lux­u­ry imports have also per­formed bet­ter than expect­ed.

Sport Coupes and Con­vert­ibles Have Expe­ri­enced More Typ­i­cal Declines:
Com­pact, sub-com­pact, and elec­tric cars have been tough to sell with cheap fuel.

First Two Weeks of Sep­tem­ber Show Fall Mar­ket Declines Harsh­er than Usu­al:
Euro­pean and Asian lux­u­ry seg­ments have seen sig­nif­i­cant declines



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