What Americans Think About Driverless Cars

Jonathan Banks
Exec­u­tive Auto­mo­tive Ana­lyst
NADA Used Car Guide

A sur­vey by NADA Used Car Guide of 2,100 indi­vid­u­als showed an inter­est in the idea of dri­ver­less mobil­i­ty, while main­tain­ing appre­hen­sion to the means of trav­el as a real­is­tic alter­na­tive to today’s trans­porta­tion options. Over half of sur­vey par­tic­i­pants think autonomous vehi­cles will be pub­licly avail­able with­in 10 years, while 23% of respon­dents antic­i­pate it tak­ing 20 or more years for self-dri­ving vehi­cles to become a real­i­ty for the gen­er­al pub­lic.

Here’s the NADA Used Car Guide Per­spec­tive on Dri­ver­less Cars

OEMs, Sup­pli­ers and Orga­ni­za­tions Out­side Indus­try Tak­ing Part in Research:
Hon­da, Sub­aru, Jaguar Land Rover, DENSO, Del­phi, and MIT active in autonomous vehi­cle research projects along with Google.

McK­in­sey & Com­pa­ny Spec­u­lates Insur­ers May Shift Busi­ness Mod­el:
Away from con­sumer cov­er­age toward insur­ing OEMs from lia­bil­i­ties.

Over 90% of Sur­vey Par­tic­i­pants Would Pre­fer Part-Time Auto­mat­ed Car:
They envi­sion both sce­nar­ios in which they would use the car’s self-dri­ving capa­bil­i­ty, as well as oth­ers in which they would choose to dri­ve them­selves.



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