Smaller Cars Hardest Hit in Depreciation Over Past Three Months

Anil Goy­al
Vice Pres­i­dent of Auto­mo­tive Val­u­a­tion and Ana­lyt­ics
Black Book

Black Book has tak­en a look at depre­ci­a­tion trends in the past three months and sees that small­er cars have been hard­est hit. The Entry Lev­el Car seg­ment dropped by over 9% in val­ue dur­ing that peri­od. Truck resale val­ues decreased by 0.19% last week, which is sim­i­lar to the aver­age depre­ci­a­tion seen by trucks over the last 12 weeks; but that’s two-thirds of the depre­ci­a­tion rate seen this time last year.

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Over­all Car Val­ues Decreased by 0.45% Last Week (Vol­ume-weight­ed):
Sim­i­lar to the aver­age depre­ci­a­tion rate over past three months, but three fourths of depre­ci­a­tion rate seen this time last year.

Com­pact Pick­up, Mid-Size Pick­up and Full-Size SUV Seg­ments:
Have retained their val­ue the best over the last 3 months, chang­ing less than 1%.

Seems to Be Vari­ety of Opin­ions Between Deal­ers About Mar­ket Activ­i­ty:
Some see retail activ­i­ty as being good and some say it’s slow.



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