Make your Online Inventory Picture Perfect with CARFAX

In 2014, 75% of a used car shopper’s time in the buy­ing process was spent online, accord­ing to a recent Polk study. That num­ber is up from 62% in 2011, and con­tin­ues to increase each year. It’s more cru­cial than ever that your online inven­to­ry is dis­played front and cen­ter to attract web shop­pers. In a world focused on visu­al media, shop­pers will often go straight to your pho­tos. Make sure you are show­ing off your car’s best qual­i­ties and giv­ing buy­ers a well-round­ed look at what your deal­er­ship has to offer them.

Here are a few tips to take your inven­to­ry pho­tos to the next lev­el:

  1. Find the right light. The best time to take your pic­tures is a few min­utes after sun­set or a few min­utes before sun­rise.
  2. Clean­li­ness mat­ters. Make sure your car is washed, clean and spot­less inside and out.
  3. Get all the angles. Take mul­ti­ple shots to ensure you’re show­ing your car’s best/ “good side.”
  4. Frame the shot. Start from fur­ther back, then crop as need­ed.

Com­pelling pho­tos will attract buy­ers, and CARFAX® Used Car List­ings can help you keep them engaged and dri­ve them to your deal­er­ship. As a CARFAX Advan­tage® Deal­er on CARFAX Used Car List­ings, you can be sure that your inven­to­ry is front and cen­ter to your audi­ence. CARFAX Used Car List­ings has no ads, fea­tures used cars only, and has direct links that put used car buy­ers right on your web­site.

And with unlim­it­ed pho­tos for each car in your inven­to­ry, con­sumers can get the full pic­ture of any car in your inven­to­ry, cre­at­ing edu­cat­ed and ready-to-buy shop­pers who are ready to inter­act with your deal­er­ship online and on the lot.

To become a CARFAX Advan­tage Deal­er and get your inven­to­ry on CARFAX Used Car List­ings today, call 888–788‑7715. Click here to learn more ways to con­nect with buy­ers online.

In case you missed the best prac­tices and tips for sell­ing to the mobile gen­er­a­tion, click here to learn more in our CARFAX Mil­len­ni­al Series.



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