RVI Group Forecasts Residual Values through 2018

Rene Abdalah
Vice Pres­i­dent, Pas­sen­ger Vehi­cle
RVI Group

Resid­ual val­ues are expect­ed to see change com­ing from chang­ing dynam­ics in the US econ­o­my and in the new vehi­cle mar­ket. Stronger new vehi­cle sales and grow­ing leas­ing activ­i­ty, along with high­er incen­tives, will lead to soft­en­ing of resid­ual val­ues. Leas­ing growth is expect­ed to con­tin­ue over the next sev­er­al years. RVI Group expects that used vehi­cle prices will fall by 8% from their cur­rent val­ues by 2018.

Resid­ual fore­casts are fea­tured in the RVI Risk Out­look

Lease Pen­e­tra­tion in New Vehi­cle Sales for Q1 2015 was 20.3%:
That was the first time leas­ing pen­e­tra­tion has gone over 20% since 2000.

Used Sup­ply of Com­pact Will Con­tin­ue to Increase through May 2017 Before Lev­el­ling Off:
By 2018, used com­pact car prices are expect­ed to drop 5.7% below cur­rent lev­els.

RVI Expects Soft­en­ing of Cana­di­an Used Vehi­cle Prices Over Next Five Years:
Expect RVI’s Cana­da used vehi­cle price index to fall by 2.8% from cur­rent lev­els.



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