Protect Your Business and Customers from Odometer Rollbacks with CARFAX

The recent arrest of a Kansas City man accused of rolling back odome­ters and sell­ing them to unsus­pect­ing buy­ers is fur­ther evi­dence that odome­ter fraud is an ongo­ing prob­lem for deal­ers and con­sumers. In fact, CARFAX® research sug­gests that near­ly 200,000 new cas­es of odome­ter fraud like this one hap­pen every year. Many peo­ple mis­tak­en­ly believe that dig­i­tal odome­ters can­not be tam­pered with, but in real­i­ty, may actu­al­ly be eas­i­er to alter than the old ana­log ones.

This per­cep­tion has left some deal­ers sus­cep­ti­ble to acquir­ing and retail­ing these poten­tial­ly dan­ger­ous cars. For­tu­nate­ly, there’s a solu­tion avail­able to help all deal­ers avoid this prob­lem – the CARFAX Advan­tage® Deal­er pro­gram. As a CARFAX Advan­tage Deal­er, you can run as many CARFAX Vehi­cle His­to­ry Reports™ as you need to help spot and avoid poten­tial prob­lems like odome­ter roll­backs. And, by putting your inven­to­ry on CARFAX Used Car List­ings, you’ll be doing your part in pro­tect­ing con­sumers from this scam, too.

With news sta­tions alert­ing con­sumers when fraud occurs, more peo­ple are turn­ing to trust­ed places like to shop for used cars. CARFAX Used Car List­ings helps eas­i­ly con­nect buy­ers with your deal­er­ship and inven­to­ry. Plus, the CARFAX Vehi­cle His­to­ry Reports you run are includ­ed with every vehi­cle you put on CARFAX Used Car List­ings. See­ing CARFAX infor­ma­tion at no cost with every car helps your cus­tomers buy with greater con­fi­dence.

Pro­tect your busi­ness and your cus­tomers, and con­nect with more down-fun­nel online shop­pers with CARFAX. Become a CARFAX Advan­tage Deal­er and post your inven­to­ry on CARFAX Used Car List­ings today. To sign up, call 888–788‑7715.


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