Catch the Attention of Millennial Shoppers with CARFAX Used Car Listings

The future suc­cess of your busi­ness depends on mil­len­ni­als. Recent data from Polk sug­gests that mil­len­ni­als (peo­ple born between the ear­ly 80’s to ear­ly 2000’s) are poised to account for more than 50% of your used car sales by 2020. This makes cap­tur­ing their atten­tion now essen­tial to the health of your busi­ness lat­er.

Mil­len­ni­als pri­mar­i­ly shop for cars online, and vehi­cle his­to­ry is espe­cial­ly impor­tant to them. It’s so impor­tant, in fact, that a recent study by Dataium says mil­len­ni­als spend 47% more time on a web­site with a CARFAX® Vehi­cle His­to­ry Report™ than one with­out, and are 132% more like­ly to con­tact the deal­er who includes CARFAX Reports with their list­ings. The great news is, as a CARFAX Advan­tage® Deal­er, you have the tools you need to make mil­len­ni­als spend more time on your list­ings and more like­ly to con­tact you.

Being a Car­fax Advan­tage Deal­er means you can run as many CARFAX Reports as you need. Plus, if you’ve signed up for CARFAX Used Car List­ings, you can include them with you inven­to­ry list­ed on Those mil­len­ni­al shop­pers, the major­i­ty of your cus­tomer base with­in the next five years, now can eas­i­ly con­nect with you online and already have the infor­ma­tion they need to buy faster.

Putting your inven­to­ry on CARFAX Used Car List­ings means there are no ads dis­tract­ing poten­tial cus­tomers from your inven­to­ry and zero new car com­pe­ti­tion. This puts your dealership’s inven­to­ry front and cen­ter, allow­ing mil­len­ni­al shop­pers direct access to exact­ly what they’re look­ing for.

Click here to learn more about mil­len­ni­al shop­ping behav­iors and how to bet­ter con­nect with them in the CARFAX ‘What Makes Mil­len­ni­als Click’ series.



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