Toyota Shows Strong Value Retention in Annual Awards

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Toy­ota did very well in the fifth annu­al Best Retained Val­ue Awards – tak­ing the non-lux­u­ry brand award and four vehi­cle cat­e­go­ry win­ners over­all, the most of any brand. Toy­ota has a pro­ject­ed 52.4% resid­ual val­ue after five years. Acu­ra won the lux­u­ry brand with a pro­ject­ed five-year resid­ual val­ue of 46.9% and took top hon­ors in two cat­e­gories.

Click here for a full list of all 24 mod­el win­ners

Toy­ota, Hon­da, and Sub­aru Dom­i­nat­ed Car Seg­ment Win­ners and Men­tions:
Toy­ota took top awards or hon­or­able men­tions in all four car seg­ments.

Hon­da Did Very Well with Three Vehi­cle Cat­e­go­ry Win­ners:
While a few brands had two win­ners: Acu­ra, Ford, GMC, Lexus, and Sub­aru.

Toy­ota Took Two of the Three Truck Seg­ments and Ford Took Heavy Duty Truck:
GMC took strong posi­tion with three hon­or­able men­tions for Canyon and Sier­ra.



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