KAR Adds Autoniq and MobileTrac to its Digital Services


Auto Remarketing - June 1, 2015

KAR Auc­tion Ser­vices has pur­chased Autoniq and Mobile­Trac, which is doing busi­ness as instaVIN. This expands the KAR’s Dig­i­tal Ser­vices Group and brings rel­e­vant vehi­cle infor­ma­tion for deal­ers to make split-sec­ond deci­sions when buy­ing and sell­ing inven­to­ry both in-lane and online, the com­pa­ny said. Some of the fea­tures that Autoniq pro­vides to deal­ers in real-time include vehi­cle pric­ing, his­to­ry reports, and mar­ket guides.



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