Chevrolet Express Vans Strongest Performer in’s Rankings

Mike Han­ley
Senior Edi­tor

For 2012 to 2014 MY vehi­cles in’s nation­al search list­ings, Chevro­let Express full-size van saw the strongest price gain dur­ing the month of May – at 2.4% for Express 1500 and 2.1% for Express 3500. Over­all, prices for late-mod­el used cars dropped near­ly 2% in May to $22,788. May prices were down $379 from April, and saw the largest month­ly per­cent­age drop for 2015.

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Chevro­let Also Saw Third and Sixth Strongest Per­form­ers Dur­ing May:
Impala Lim­it­ed gain­ing 1.8% in val­ue, while the Corvette was up 0.9%.

Fuel-Effi­cient and Alter­na­tive-Pow­er­train Cars Con­tin­ued to Drop as Gas Prices Stayed Down:
Smart ForT­wo, Nis­san Leaf, and Toy­ota Prius-Plug-in were down 5.2%, 5.1%, and 3.2%, respec­tive­ly.

Lux­u­ry Vehi­cles Also Con­tin­ued to See Down­ward Price Pres­sure:
Infini­ti QX60 lead decline in lux­u­ry cat­e­go­ry at 3.6% down from April.



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