Milliennials Want Used Cars and Face-to-Face Time with Dealers

Avi Stein­lauf

Mil­len­ni­als (age 18–34) make for a sig­nif­i­cant used car buy­ers seg­ment. Used car pur­chas­es made up 78% of all Mil­len­ni­al car pur­chas­es last year, com­pared to 68% of all car pur­chas­es by adults 35 and over. While Mil­len­ni­als made up only 39% of all traf­fic to used car pages on Edmunds last year, they made up 58% of all mobile traf­fic to those same pages.

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80% of Mil­len­ni­als Use Mobile Devices for at Least One Car Shop­ping Task:
Just 46% of peo­ple 35 or old­er do so; read­ing vehi­cle reviews is top­ic of most inter­est for Mil­len­ni­als.

64% Pre­fer Face-to-Face Inter­ac­tion with Deal­ers as Opposed to Remote Com­mu­ni­ca­tions:
An over­whelm­ing 96% said that it is impor­tant to test dri­ve the car before they buy it.

72% of Mil­len­ni­als Have Con­sid­ered Buy­ing a Hybrid or Elec­tric Vehi­cle:
66% said they would con­sid­er buy­ing a self-dri­ving car if it goes to mar­ket.



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