“Future of Car Shopping” Survey Clarifies Distinctions between Genders in Car Buying Experience

A new study of 2,500 dri­vers and car shop­pers in the US shows that women might be a bit more inter­est­ed in com­ing into the deal­er­ship than men; and that both men and women are sus­pi­cious of new trans­porta­tion options like car­shar­ing or autonomous vehi­cles.

A new sur­vey con­duct­ed by Swapalease.com, called “Future of Car Shop­ping,” found that men (66%) and women (56%) would most pre­fer to iden­ti­fy the car they like and then have deal­ers sub­mit their best bids. Women are still more inter­est­ed in the hands-on dri­ving expe­ri­ence at the deal­er­ship – but still want to fin­ish the trans­ac­tion online. The study found that women (35%) are inter­est­ed in ‘show­tail­ing’ where they look at cars at the deal­er­ship but then buy/lease online; while men (33%) would like to buy/lease cars online with­out ever step­ping into the deal­er­ship. In terms of vehi­cle deliv­ery, the com­bined gen­ders (65%) would pre­fer to still pick up their car at the deal­er­ship.

Both women and men are not inter­est­ed in using a car­shar­ing or rideshar­ing ser­vice like Uber (43%) as well as autonomous vehi­cles (37%). As for cur­rent tech­nol­o­gy fea­tures in the car, both gen­ders agree that rear back-up cam­era sys­tems (65%) and in-car Wifi (60%) will most influ­ence their shop­ping deci­sion in the future.

As for key find­ings on vehi­cle financ­ing options:

  • Both women and men (66%) would pre­fer to see all their financ­ing and rate options online ahead of time. How­ev­er, more men (45%) than women (27%) would be inter­est­ed in lenders bid­ding for their finance busi­ness ahead of time.
  • Most of the sur­vey respon­dents (51%) would pre­fer to select the lease pack­age that’s right for them from a menu with var­i­ous options such as mileage and upfront mon­ey. Most men (51%) would like to get out of any lease with 90 days’ notice, while most women (54%) would like to lease month-to-month with no extend­ed terms.


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