Harsh Weather in Northeast Hasn’t Thrown Off Used Sales Very Much

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Trans­ac­tion prices slipped slight­ly vs. Decem­ber, but increased mar­gin­al­ly vs. year ago. While cat­a­stroph­ic storms in the North­east damp­ened used vehi­cle sales a bit, loss­es were min­i­mal. Deal­ers are begin­ning to stock up for spring sell­ing sea­son, bol­ster­ing their inven­to­ry. Expect to see sig­nif­i­cant sales gains in March through May. Mileage dri­ven by Amer­i­cans went up slight­ly again last year – near­ly 2% to 10,116.

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Many Deal­ers Reduced Used Inven­to­ry Going into Novem­ber-Jan­u­ary Peri­od:
Result­ed in a short­er sup­ply of vehi­cles and a 2.4% drop in Days’ Sup­ply for win­ter.

Even With Antic­i­pat­ed Bliz­zard of His­toric Pro­por­tions, Floor Traf­fic Still Ris­es:
Floor traf­fic rose for first two 10-day peri­ods of Jan­u­ary over same time in 2014.

Sub-Prime Mar­ket Below 550 in FICO Score Near­ly 41% of Used Loans in 2014:
This year, expect to see full per­cent­age point gain for under 550 and half point for those under 450.



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