Top 5 Used Car Listings Technical Tips

CARFAX® Used Car List­ings™ quick­ly con­nect cus­tomers look­ing to buy and deal­ers look­ing to sell. When shop­pers vis­it, they can search and sort vehi­cles based on what is impor­tant to them. And there aren’t any ads or dis­trac­tions. This quick 2-minute clip explores the 5 tech­ni­cal tips and best prac­tices to max­i­mize your used car list­ings on Learn what you need to know to enhance your list­ings start­ing with your inven­to­ry provider down to your inter­nal sales per­son. Click here to play the clip. To learn more about CARFAX® Used Car List­ings™, call 888–788-7715.



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