RVI Used Vehicle Price Index Sees Increase During November

Rene Abdalah
Vice Pres­i­dent, Pas­sen­ger Vehi­cle
RVI Group

The RVI Used Vehi­cle Price Index increased by 2.4% in Novem­ber 2014 when com­pared to the pre­vi­ous month; and when com­pared to Novem­ber 2013, prices increased by 0.4%. The index mea­sures whole­sale val­ues or (resid­ual val­ues) of two-to-five year old used vehi­cles adjust­ed for mileage, mix, and sea­son­al­i­ty. When com­pared to last year’s data, most vehi­cle seg­ments saw declines in resid­ual val­ues with the excep­tion of Mid-Size SUVs and Lux­u­ry Coupes.

Here’s the lat­est RVI Used Vehi­cle Price Index report

All But One Vehi­cle Seg­ment Saw Gains in Novem­ber 2014:
Lead­ing the mar­ket were Sporty Coupes, Full-Size Vans and Lux­u­ry Small Sedans.

When Com­pared to Last Year, Most Seg­ments Saw Declines in Resid­ual Val­ues:
Two seg­ments had were excep­tions – Mid-Size SUVs and Lux­u­ry Coupes.

New Vehi­cle Trans­ac­tion Prices Fell 0.1% on Sea­son­al­ly Adjust­ed Basis:
Octo­ber to Novem­ber saw slight decline com­pared to 0.6% increase from Novem­ber 2013.



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