Prices See a Balancing Act between Demand and High Volume

Tom Kon­tos
Exec­u­tive VP & Chief Econ­o­mist
ADESA Ana­lyt­i­cal Ser­vices

Whole­sale used vehi­cle prices are con­tin­u­ing a bal­anc­ing act where demand so far has been enough to off­set the high vol­ume from off-lease vehi­cles and trade-ins. The recent trend con­tin­ued toward a rich­er mix of late-mod­el vehi­cles that have biased prices upward; cer­ti­fied pre-owned vehi­cles have also increased demand-side sup­port.

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Whole­sale Prices Aver­aged $9,862 – Up 1.8% Over Octo­ber and 1.1% Over Year Ago:
Fulli­size SUVs, lux­u­ry cars, and lux­u­ry SUVs had strong month-over-month gains.

Vehi­cles Remar­ket­ed by Man­u­fac­tur­ers Up 4.1% M-O-M but Down 8.1% Y-O-Y:
Fleet/lease con­sign­or prices up 0.3% sequen­tial­ly but down 2.1% annu­al­ly.

Off-Rental Risk Units Held Strong Con­sid­er­ing High Vol­umes Being Remar­ket­ed:
Could be due to cur­tail­ment of sales for select­ed off-rental pro­gram vehi­cles until after the new year.



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