New Mobile App Helps Car Owners During Takata and Other Open Recalls

Hon­da Motor Co. has added to what’s already one of the biggest recalls of the year span­ning 10 automak­ers – and may even­tu­al­ly eclipse Gen­eral Motors’ mas­sive recall. Hon­da will expand its “inves­tiga­tive” recall to replace air bags from Taka­ta Corp. Hon­da is vol­un­tar­ily expand­ing its U.S. recall from 2.6 mil­lion vehi­cles up to 5.4 mil­lion.

How­ev­er, the issue with recalls goes well beyond the Taka­ta recall – Car­fax says that one in six vehi­cles on U.S. roads have a faulty part recalled by the automak­er, but the vehi­cle has yet to be tak­en in for repair by the vehi­cle own­er. As this recent news sto­ry shows, sim­ply keep­ing up with all these recalled cars is a chal­lenge. How Hon­da and oth­er automak­ers, and their deal­er net­works, respond to this recall cri­sis presents an oppor­tu­nity for improv­ing cus­tomer ser­vice and loy­al­ty.

The good news is that Car­fax has sev­eral solu­tions to help deal­ers eas­ily find out about open recalls. As a Car­fax® Advan­tage Deal­er®, you can run all the Car­fax® Vehi­cle His­tory Reports™ you need to know about open recalls at acqui­si­tion and dis­close them to buy­ers at retail by show­ing them the Car­fax. In addi­tion, Car­fax mon­i­tors your inven­to­ry for recalls for you. Car­fax Advan­tage Deal­ers receive an email every week alert­ing them to units with open recalls on their lot.

In light of the biggest recall year ever in the auto indus­try, deal­ers also can pro­tect their cus­tomers by sign­ing them up with myCar­fax, a free ser­vice that alerts car own­ers when their car has a recall. New and used car buy­ers – even ser­vice cus­tomers, too – can find out if their vehi­cle has one of those recalled airbags or oth­er safe­ty recall by down­load­ing the myCar­fax app. Using only the license plate (VIN is also an option), the app mon­i­tors for recalls now as well as ones issued in the future.

Deal­ers and their cus­tomers ben­e­fit from oth­er fea­tures in the myCar­fax app, too. It sends reminders when main­te­nance (oil changes, tire rota­tions, etc.) is due, which helps dri­ve increased ser­vice rev­enue for the deal­er. Deal­ers that par­tic­i­pate in the free Car­fax Ser­vice Net­work are fea­tured in the myCar­fax app when car own­ers are search­ing for local places to have their car ser­viced or recall fixed. Plus, if you sign up your cus­tomer with myCar­fax, your deal­er­ship is saved as a favorite with­in the app, mak­ing it sim­ple for the cus­tomer to click and sched­ule a ser­vice appoint­ment.

Talk to your Car­fax rep­re­sen­ta­tive, or call (888) 788‑7715 to become a Car­fax Advan­tage Deal­er and to join the Car­fax Ser­vice Net­work.



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