Independent Dealers See Good Month in November

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Inde­pen­dent deal­ers have been see­ing vol­umes decline vs. 2013 on a reg­u­lar basis in recent month, often in dou­ble dig­it declines. Novem­ber was a turn­around month, with sales up slight­ly vs. a year ago and trans­ac­tion prices bulk­ing up. Trans­ac­tion prices (exclud­ing tax­es, fees, and add-ons) rose 2.8% for inde­pen­dent deal­ers vs. a year ago.

Retail Auto­mo­tive Sum­ma­ry – Novem­ber 2014

Casu­al Sales Saw Rare Year-Over-Year Sales Vol­ume Decline:
2.3% decline for casu­al sales, cut­ting 2014 full-year increase to less than 3%

Fran­chised Deal­ers Expect­ed to Take 2% Vol­ume Increase Over Year Ago:
Prices also were up vs. a year ago by 1.2% (again, exclud­ing tax­es, fees, and add-ons).

Used Vehi­cle Floor Traf­fic Con­tin­ued to Take Slight Slide in First 20 Days:
Open­ing days of third 10-day peri­od in Novem­ber showed an improve­ment in traf­fic.



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