Franchised Dealers See Big Gains in Used Vehicle Prices Over Year Ago

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Total used sales rose 0.46% in Novem­ber vs. one year pri­or, and slipped 1.6% from Octo­ber. Fran­chised deal­ers were up 1.43% to 1.22 mil­lion units sold. Inde­pen­dent deal­ers sold 1.14 mil­lion used vehi­cles, a fig­ure vir­tu­al­ly unchanged from one year ago. Pri­vate Par­ty sales declined 0.9% to 752,369 units sold. Excel­lent inven­to­ry con­trol and CPO sales helped Fran­chised deal­ers see a 21% rise in trans­ac­tion prices vs. year ago.

Here’s the lat­est CNW Research report on retail used vehi­cle sales

Inde­pen­dent Trans­ac­tion Prices Were Also Strong – Up Near­ly 8%:
Pri­vate Par­ty trans­ac­tion prices were up by 2.1% but down from deal­er per­for­mance.

Total Val­ue from All 3 Chan­nels Reached $33.53B – 15% Gain from Year Ago:
Cars slipped by 1.33% as share of total sales and SUV sales rose by 17.45%.

Num­ber of Used Vehi­cles Sold to Sub-prime Cus­tomers Jumped 25%:
Sub-550 up by 27.5% and respon­si­ble for 22.25% of total Novem­ber sales.



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