Franchised Used Vehicle Sales Up While Independents Were Down

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Retail used vehi­cle sales closed the month at 3,162,085, only up 0.29% vs. a year ago. The num­bers also saw the typ­i­cal sea­son­al pat­tern, drop­ping down from Sep­tem­ber by 16.9%. For the mar­ket seg­ments, fran­chised deal­ers were up 2.2% to 1,213,741; inde­pen­dent deal­ers saw their vol­ume drop more than 10% to 1,036,3177; and pri­vate par­ty (casu­al) sales rose 12.5% to 885,372 units sold.

Here’s the CNW Research report on Octo­ber used car sales

Fran­chised Deal­ers Saw Trans­ac­tion Prices Rise 16% to $15,678:
Up 18.7% over year ago, due to grow­ing inven­to­ry of late-mod­el off-lease vehi­cles.

Num­ber of Used Car Shop­pers Slipped More than 6.8% from Year Ago:
Expect a strong Jan­u­ary-March mar­ket as shop­pers typ­i­cal­ly are two-to-three months away from actu­al­ly mak­ing a pur­chase.

Less Fuel Effi­cient SUV Vol­umes Rose Near­ly 10% Due to Low­er Fuel Prices:
Not sur­pris­ing that pas­sen­ger car share of used sales slipped slight­ly by 1.8%.


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