Ford F-150 Wins Top KBB Resale Value Award and Takes Overall Best Buy for 2015 Model

The Ford F-150 has tak­en big kudos from Kel­ley Blue Book in the past week – Over­all Best Buy for the 2015 mod­el and the over­all win­ner for the 2015 Kel­ley Blue Book Resale Val­ue Awards at the LA Auto Show. The all-new 2015 mod­el was acknowl­edged for its dra­mat­i­cal­ly new alu­minum body, a high-strength steel struc­ture, and a thor­ough­ly inno­v­a­tive line­up of pow­er­train choic­es, includ­ing one engine with extreme­ly small 2.7-liter dis­place­ment. As for gain­ing high resale val­ue, the F-150’s tow­ing, haul­ing, and per­son­al trans­porta­tion com­fort and effi­cien­cy helped it take the lead in strong resale val­ues.

The oth­er cat­e­go­ry win­ners for this year’s Resale Val­ue Award are:

Small Car: Hon­da Civic
Mid-Size Car: Hon­da Accord
Full-Size Car: Chevro­let Impala
Small SUV/Crossover: Hon­da CRV
Mid-size SUV/Crossover: Toy­ota High­lander
• Full-size SUV/Crossover: Chevro­let Tahoe
Mini­van: Hon­da Odyssey
Truck: Ford F-150
Sports/Performance Car: Chevro­let Corvette
Electric/Hybrid: Chevro­let Volt
Lux­u­ry Car: Mer­cedes-Benz C-Class
Lux­u­ry SUV/Crossover: Acu­ra MDX

Chevro­let and Hon­da tied for the most award cat­e­gories won at four apiece. Honda’s Acu­ra divi­sion also took one of the hon­ors, with the Acu­ra MDX tak­ing the Lux­u­ry SUV/Crossover cat­e­go­ry.



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