The Risky Busines of Fleet Safety

Sev­er­al years ago, we pub­lished a series of inter­views with John Cruick­shank, Senior Asso­ciate at a nation­al lit­i­ga­tion and con­sult­ing law firm, deal­ing with the sub­ject of neg­li­gent entrust­ment. We ran into him again at a recent meet­ing of the Nor­Cal-North­ern Neva­da Chap­ter of NAFA Fleet Man­age­ment Asso­ci­a­tion where he elo­quent­ly spoke about legal risks fleet face with vehi­cle safe­ty tech­nolo­gies.

A spe­cial­ist in lia­bil­i­ty eval­u­a­tion and mit­i­ga­tion, John co-authored a white paper:  ‘Man­ag­ing the Legal Risks of Vehi­cle Safe­ty Tech­nolo­gies’ – and it is excel­lent.  He asks, “How does a com­pany bal­ance the need to imple­ment ade­quate lev­els of vehi­cle safe­ty tech­nol­ogy to avoid a neg­li­gence find­ing while still try­ing to main­tain busi­ness and oper­a­tional effi­cien­cies?”

His legal phi­los­o­phy is that the best way to win a law­suit is to avoid being sued in the first place. You’ll find his white paper — which will help you do just that — in The Legal Cor­ner.

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Jan­ice Sut­ton
Exec­u­tive Edi­tor



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