Retail Used Vehicle Sales Volume Unchanged from August

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Retail used vehi­cle sales reached 3.8 mil­lion in Sep­tem­ber, a 4.3% gain over a year ago and basi­cal­ly unchanged from August. Fran­chised deal­ers gained mar­ket share from a year ago and last month, while inde­pen­dent deal­ers lost share from 34% to 33.4%. Fran­chised deal­ers were up 6.6% in units, and inde­pen­dent deal­ers were up 2.4% in units ver­sus year ago. Pri­vate par­ty sales saw a year­ly gain of 3.2% but a large drop of 10.6% from August.

Retail used vehi­cle sales fig­ures for Sep­tem­ber from CNW Research

Trans­ac­tion Prices up Near­ly 18.5% Vs. Year Ago, but Behind August by 1.2%:
Year-over-year gain is pri­mar­i­ly due to improved inven­to­ry of younger vehi­cles includ­ing off-lease mod­els.

Inde­pen­dents Had 1.7% Price Gain vs. Year Ago and Down 0.11% from August:
Total val­ue of used vehi­cles sold was $40.86B, a 16.9% gain over year ago, but down a third of a per­cent from August.

Num­ber of Sub-prime Buy­ers Leaped 31% from Year Ago and Near­ly 2% Over August:
Buy-Here/­Pay-Here saw an 18% gain in unit sales vs. Sep­tem­ber 2013.



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