CNW Research Tracks Used Car Leasing Trends

Art Spinel­la
CNW Research

Used leas­ing has become growth area for new and used car deal­ers. Expect full-year used leas­es to hit 1.1M this year and as much as 1.7M next year. Fran­chised deal­ers are see­ing it as more of a pos­si­ble new source of rev­enue, and banks are loos­en­ing strings of car­ry­ing used-lease paper. Ear­ly reports in Sep­tem­ber showed used leas­es up 3.4%, with cap costs falling near­ly 5% as low­er-priced non-lux­u­ry used cars are being added to the mix.

Here’s the lat­est edi­tion of Retail Auto­mo­tive Sum­ma­ry

Low­er Whole­sale Prices Have Sent Fran­chised Deal­er Ask­ing Prices Down:
Down to $11,309 vs year ago’s &11,729 while inde­pen­dent deal­er prices have dipped only slight­ly.

Sub-prime Loan Approvals Up 17.7% Y-O-Y, but Only Third of a Per­cent M-O-M:
Lat­ter fig­ure reveals strong but mea­sured approach to pro­vid­ing loans to that audi­ence.

Used Diesel Cars Grow­ing in Demand as 22% of Used Shop­pers Con­sid­er­ing It:
Hybrids are not as strong­ly desired on the used side at only 18% con­sid­er­ing buy­ing.



  • Joseph says:

    How can one track this data? It seems like spec­u­la­tion.
    I run a vehi­cle leas­ing com­pa­ny. I do not know one fran­chised deal­er offer­ing used vehi­cle leas­ing.

  • barry says:

    this guy nev­er sold a car in his life.…some “expert.”

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