Privacy Concerns Could Trickle Down to the Automotive World

As more and more automak­ers are slow­ly reveal­ing their autonomous dri­ving tech­nolo­gies and vehi­cle-to-vehi­cle com­mu­ni­ca­tion capa­bil­i­ties, the ques­tion of pri­va­cy and just how much per­son­al data motorists will have to give up is becom­ing a con­cern.

Though the cars and high­ways of the future will like­ly make our day-to-day com­mutes more con­ve­nient, the big ques­tion is at what cost?

In order to take advan­tage of the future tech­nolo­gies head­ing to our vehi­cles, motorists will have to reveal their dri­ving pat­terns, shop­ping pref­er­ences and oth­er per­son­al infor­ma­tion such as work loca­tions.

At the Intel­li­gent Trans­port Sys­tems annu­al World Con­gress at Cobo Cen­ter this week, auto­mo­tive and trans­porta­tion lead­ers are not only explor­ing the future of auto­mo­tive but the impact it will have on our per­son­al lives.

For exam­ple, a future where your car or smart­phone could wake you up ear­li­er if your morn­ing com­mute has a delay due to bad weath­er or an acci­dent isn’t out of the ques­tion.

The tech­nol­o­gy could lead to sit­u­a­tions where traf­fic agen­cies and gov­ern­ments know where you are, where you’re going and how you get there. Even worse, busi­ness­es could invade your dai­ly lives with ads near your loca­tions or along your routes.

Some argue that much of the data to cre­ate a world where smart, con­nect­ed cars and roads exist doesn’t need an abun­dance of per­son­al data. Regard­less, the days of that tech­nol­o­gy is com­ing near with the Michi­gan Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion plan­ning to add vehi­cle-to-infra­struc­ture com­mu­ni­ca­tion to over 120 miles of Metro Detroit start­ing next spring.


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  • Henri says:

    All things con­sid­ered, is there still some­body out there who cares about these pri­va­cy issues? It does not seem so, peo­ple are tak­ing to this new tech­nol­o­gy like mad. Today’s mid-lev­el new cars are all already con­nect­ed, with GPS and on the net, so what is pre­vent­ing a give­away of per­son­al info already?

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