FleetVision Debuts ‘Rightsourcing’ Program for Fleet Management

“Review­ing the cur­rent sup­pli­er mar­ket for fleet man­age­ment ser­vice providers in Europe, there is not the one-size-fits-all solu­tion,” says Tobias Kern, senior con­sul­tant at Brus­sels-based glob­al fleet con­sul­tan­cy, FleetVi­sion, who has recent­ly rolled out its right­sourc­ing fleet man­age­ment pro­gram on behalf of an inter­na­tion­al fleet client.

This client had an off­shore solu­tion in place, where an inter­nal fleet man­age­ment team was cen­tral­ly man­ag­ing all oper­a­tional fleet process­es. The back­ground to the ten­der process was to assess alter­na­tive fleet man­age­ment con­cepts with the key focus on estab­lish­ing the most ben­e­fi­cial solu­tion in terms of ser­vice qual­i­ty for the dri­vers, inter­nal costs, and strate­gic sup­port for cen­tral fleet respon­si­bil­i­ties. FleetVi­sion was sub­se­quent­ly appoint­ed to man­age the process, sup­port­ing the inter­nal ten­der team as a neu­tral part­ner.

Over­all, it is FleetVision’s under­ly­ing approach to right­source the ser­vice part­ner, which sup­ports the exe­cu­tion of the client’s dai­ly oper­a­tions and over­all fleet strat­e­gy. Since “sweet spots” between providers are diverse, it needs a thought­ful selec­tion process about the best fit towards strate­gic items such as sourc­ing con­cept, fund­ing pat­terns, process com­plex­i­ty, invoice han­dling, cost con­trol capa­bil­i­ties, mar­ket cov­er­age, and sup­pli­er net­work man­age­ment. From a gen­er­al per­spec­tive, deci­sions between the engage­ment of an oper­a­tional fleet “admin­is­tra­tor” and a provider with true fleet “man­age­ment” capa­bil­i­ties need to be defined.

Ten­der­ing for fleet man­age­ment means right­sourc­ing a qual­i­ta­tive process, not just a quan­ti­ta­tive man­age­ment fee. This implies a dou­ble focus, where the finan­cial com­pet­i­tive­ness plays one part and the process capa­bil­i­ties and ser­vice qual­i­ty plays the oth­er. With the qual­i­ta­tive focus, the com­plex­i­ty of the sourc­ing process increas­es, since non-tan­gi­ble capa­bil­i­ties need to be eval­u­at­ed and com­pared. For this pur­pose, FleetVi­sion has devel­oped a spe­cif­ic deci­sion matrix, which is applied through­out the RFP phase. Sup­pli­er pre­sen­ta­tion meet­ings help build an objec­tive basis for an enhanced deci­sion process for their client project teams.

Addi­tion­al­ly, a clear ser­vice spec­i­fi­ca­tion of the require­ments is vital for the RFP process. Based on FleetVision’s expe­ri­ence, they sup­port their clients to help “trans­late” the fleet man­age­ment process into a clear ser­vice spec­i­fi­ca­tion by using the supplier’s “lan­guage” along typ­i­cal ser­vice com­po­nents. Only a pre­cise out­line of key ele­ments in detail will allow a qual­i­fied com­par­i­son of the pro­pos­als, both qual­i­ta­tive­ly and quan­ti­ta­tive­ly.

Hans Damen, Man­ag­ing Part­ner for FleetVi­sion adds: “Clear SLAs with an out­stand­ing set of KPIs were nego­ti­at­ed and agreed, which enabled our client to mea­sure objec­tive­ly agreed upon ser­vice lev­els along strong per­for­mance indi­ca­tors. This pro­vides a strong foun­da­tion for a sus­tain­able sup­pli­er man­age­ment pro­gram and fil­ters poten­tial noise out of the sales cycle. These key val­ues are embed­ded in every engage­ment on behalf of our cus­tomers”


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