Bishop Fleet Optimization Congratulates Australasian Fleet Manager of the Year

Bish­op Fleet Opti­miza­tion con­grat­u­lates Kevin McE­wan, Trans­port Man­ag­er for the Mel­bourne Health Ser­vice, who was named Aus­tralasian Fleet Man­ag­er of the Year on Thurs­day, Sep­tem­ber 11th, at the AfMA 2014 Fleet Awards held in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia.

McE­wan man­ages a large, dynam­ic vehi­cle fleet for Mel­bourne Health and two oth­er near­by health orga­ni­za­tions across more than 30 sites and health­care facil­i­ties dis­persed through­out the area. Vehi­cle avail­abil­i­ty is para­mount because of the crit­i­cal duty of the fleet vehi­cles to facil­i­tate the deliv­ery of health ser­vices in the com­mu­ni­ty. McE­wan was able to improve ser­vices to clients in an envi­ron­ment of dimin­ish­ing funds and an aging fleet.

To main­tain a bal­ance on this oper­a­tional tightrope, McE­wan worked with Bish­op Fleet Opti­miza­tion (BFO) to mea­sure actu­al vehi­cle usage and imple­ment strate­gies to improve uti­liza­tion, reduce vehi­cle num­bers while still meet­ing 100% of vehi­cle demand.

Mel­bourne Health was able to quan­ti­fy the required num­ber of vehi­cles need­ed to sat­is­fy oper­a­tional require­ments at each site in two steps:

First, BFO Glob­al Posi­tion­ing Sys­tem (GPS) data log­gers tracked vehi­cle move­ment over the course of five weeks in accor­dance with accept­ed best prac­tice. Next, BFO con­sul­tants ana­lyzed the data and worked with McE­wan to devel­op rec­om­men­da­tions that includ­ed both the expan­sion of its vehi­cle pool­ing pro­gram and iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of sur­plus fleet vehi­cles for dis­pos­al.

McE­wan reports ongo­ing suc­cess in improv­ing fleet oper­a­tional effi­cien­cy while con­tin­u­ing to meet the needs of the patients it serves: “Mel­bourne Health Ser­vice has real­ized a 28% reduc­tion in vehi­cle count, a sub­stan­tial return from sur­plus vehi­cle sales and size­able oper­at­ing cost sav­ings.”

BFO Glob­al Man­ag­ing Direc­tor Der­rick Bish­op cred­it­ed McEwan’s vision and courage in adopt­ing the changes: “Kevin under­stood the ben­e­fits of a GPS-based fleet right-siz­ing snap­shot in order to win sup­port from exec­u­tive man­age­ment as well all the oth­er fleet stake­hold­ers. Mileage or VAM analy­sis con­vinces no one of the need for change so Kevin’s approach was right on tar­get.”

“Kevin also under­stands that, like oth­er fleet costs, opti­miza­tion is a mov­ing tar­get. So, he is review­ing the fleet every three years in order to main­tain effi­cien­cy. For these rea­sons, and for the many oth­er inno­va­tions Kevin has made in his posi­tion, he is a deserv­ing win­ner of the Fleet Man­ag­er of the Year award!”

About Bish­op Fleet Opti­miza­tion

BISHOP Fleet Opti­miza­tion (BFO) is a mul­ti-nation­al Fleet Opti­miza­tion con­sult­ing firm that leads the Fleet Vehi­cle Uti­liza­tion Audit indus­try. Its 5-week GPS snap­shot audit approach has trans­formed the way orga­ni­za­tions opti­mize fleet size. The “closed loop” data col­lec­tion process and rich oper­a­tions infor­ma­tion ensure qual­i­ty deci­sions are made based on irrefutable facts. It is why Gov­ern­ment and pri­vate com­pa­nies inter­na­tion­al­ly now rely on BFO to opti­mize fleet size and build the strongest pos­si­ble cas­es for change.


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