What Does 2015 Model Year Look Like for Self-Driving Cars?

While autonomous, self-dri­ving cars aren’t expect­ed to show up any­time soon, automak­ers do point out that they’re hard at work bring­ing more safe­ty and vehi­cle-to-vehi­cle (V2V) sys­tems to the cars right now. So what does the 2015 mod­el year look like for these advanced tech­nolo­gies?

  • The 2015 Infini­ti Q80 is able to alert dri­vers if they’re drift­ing out of lanes, and selec­tive­ly apply brakes to spe­cif­ic wheels so the car will be nudged back into line. This flag­ship mod­el joins the 2014 Infini­ti Q70 with its Lane Depar­ture Warn­ing (LDW) and Lane Depar­ture Pre­ven­tion (LDP) sys­tems. Sev­er­al new cars are now able to issue lane depar­ture warn­ings, but the Infini­ti tech­nol­o­gy takes it one step fur­ther.
  • Gen­er­al Motors is bring­ing out 30 of its 2015 mod­els with its OnStar 4GLTE mobile broad­band. This V2V sys­tem could help mit­i­gate car crash­es and help bring down con­ges­tion by com­mu­ni­cat­ing basic infor­ma­tion on the cars’ loca­tions, speeds, and trav­el direc­tions. GM says that the V2V tech­nol­o­gy will warn dri­vers of events on the road and can sup­ple­ment oth­er safe­ty fea­tures such as the for­ward col­li­sion warn­ing already fea­tured on some GM cars.
  • Vol­vo will be mak­ing a North Amer­i­can debut of its “Dri­ve Me” autonomous vehi­cle test pro­gram dur­ing the Con­nect­ed Car Expo in Los Ange­les on Nov. 18. Vol­vo exec­u­tives will be on hand to dis­cuss the car’s pro­gres­sive autopi­lot tech­nol­o­gy. The automak­er began the test project ear­li­er this year in Swe­den; there’s no word yet on when these Dri­ve Me mod­els will be for sale on deal­er lots.


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