NAFA IFA: A Game Changing Experience


The NAFA Inter­na­tion­al Fleet Acad­e­my (IFA) slat­ed for Novem­ber 5–7, 2014 in Orlan­do lifts the art of man­ag­ing an inter­na­tion­al fleet to a high­er plane. Experts from around the globe will share their real-world expe­ri­ences to teach the fleet pro­fes­sion­al how to most effi­cient­ly and cost-effec­tive­ly guide their glob­al fleet to excel­lence.

This is what NAFA CEO Phillip E. Rus­so, CAE, said fol­low­ing last year’s IFA, “We deliv­ered a game-chang­ing expe­ri­ence. The key to our suc­cess was in design­ing the event around fleet man­agers. Our con­cept was sim­ple: gath­er many of the bright­est minds in glob­al fleet man­age­ment and let them tell their own sto­ries; what went right, what went wrong, what to antic­i­pate, and what to avoid. The fleet man­agers in atten­dance told me they came expect­ing to learn, but they left with more than just knowl­edge. They left with real-life solu­tions, ideas that real­ly work, and con­tacts that will prove invalu­able. There’s noth­ing bet­ter than learn­ing from col­leagues in your indus­try that you trust!”

Jan­ice Sut­ton
Exec­u­tive Edi­tor

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