Fleet Logistics Launches New Driver App

Fleet Logis­tics, Europe’s largest inde­pen­dent fleet man­age­ment provider, is launch­ing a free dri­ver app to pro­vide fleet dri­vers with access to all their vehi­cle details, mileage data, sup­port ser­vices and oth­er key infor­ma­tion.

The ‘Fleet Logis­tics Mobil­i­ty Con­trol App’ is now avail­able for all users of Win­dows smart phones on Fleet Logis­tics’ fleet of around 130,000 vehi­cles across Europe. They are soon to be joined by users of all Android and Apple smart phones.

The app pro­vides a plat­form through which the dri­ver can com­mu­ni­cate with Fleet Logis­tics, keep their mileage records up-to-date, access details about pre­ferred sup­pli­ers and find answers to fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions at any time of the day or night.

One of Fleet Logis­tics’ objec­tives with the intro­duc­tion of the app was to improve the qual­i­ty of dri­ver data that is entered into the sys­tem, as improved data qual­i­ty leads to a reduc­tion in costs, improve­ment in pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and an accel­er­a­tion in the speed to the mar­ket.

The app also allows Fleet Logis­tics to com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly with dri­vers via broad­cast mes­sag­ing and to push out impor­tant com­mu­ni­ca­tions or hot top­ics to dri­vers, such as the need to switch to win­ter tires for exam­ple.

The app pro­vides dri­vers with direct online access to data that is also held with­in the Fleet.Online dri­ver por­tal, and they can see rel­e­vant details about them­selves and their vehi­cles through either the app or the online por­tal.

Avail­able is infor­ma­tion about sup­pli­ers, includ­ing leas­ing com­pa­ny and oth­er sup­pli­ers, vehi­cle costs, the tax sit­u­a­tion for the vehi­cle and all com­pa­ny fleet pol­i­cy infor­ma­tion.

Dri­vers are also pro­vid­ed with details of what to do in the event of an emer­gency such as a break­down, as well as hold­ing all ser­vice provider and insur­ance com­pa­ny details, and pro­vides clear, con­cise instruc­tions on how to access these ser­vices.

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