Mark Your Calendar: ‘Connected Fleets USA 2014’

Telem­at­ics for Fleet Man­age­ment USA has evolved to Con­nect­ed Fleets USA 2014′ – Novem­ber 20–21, 2014 — West­in Buck­head, Atlanta, Geor­gia

As the Amer­i­can fleet telem­at­ics mar­ket matures, this new-look event will address:

  • Invest­ment Propo­si­tion: Explore how gov­ern­ment, local author­i­ties and pri­vate equi­ty are invest­ing in con­nect­ed fleets to gen­er­ate future growth and to improve traf­fic and trans­port.
  • The Future of Con­nect­ed Fleets: V2X today. Pilot­ed tomor­row. Autonomous…? Embrace intel­li­gent mobil­i­ty, because the ques­tion is no longer if, but when!
  • Evolv­ing role of the automak­er: Under­stand how automak­er and equip­ment OEMs are devel­op­ing new plat­forms and part­ner­ships to offer the best-in-class ser­vices to fleet man­agers.

What to expect at Con­nect­ed Fleet USA 2014:

  • Up to the minute speak­er line-up with 30+ hand­picked indus­try experts to deliv­er unbeat­able insights.
  • Brand new ses­sions for 2014 reflect­ing the growth, progress and evo­lu­tion of the telem­at­ics indus­try over the last 12 months.
  • Key knowl­edge on busi­ness mod­els, con­sumer rela­tion strate­gies and tech­nol­o­gy devel­op­ments that will help you pre­pare for the year ahead, and cap­i­tal­ize on the telem­at­ics mar­ket activ­i­ty.

Take a look at the web­site to see the top-lev­el speak­ers and cru­cial top­ics at Con­nect­ed Fleets USA 2014

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