CEI’s Ken Latzko: Microtargeted Messaging Can Help Fleets Drive Safety Compliance

Short, high-qual­i­ty videos that address cur­rent, fleet-spe­cif­ic dri­ving safe­ty issues and that are acces­si­ble from mobile devices can help achieve greater dri­ver com­pli­ance with fleet safe­ty poli­cies. That’s the mes­sage Ken Latzko, south­east region­al sales man­ag­er for the CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) told mem­bers of the Car­oli­nas Chap­ter of the NAFA Fleet Man­age­ment Asso­ci­a­tion who met in Greens­boro, North Car­oli­na last week.

Just as con­sumer mar­ket­ing firms and polit­i­cal cam­paigns have learned to “micro­tar­get” their mes­sages to spe­cif­ic audi­ences with con­tent they find imme­di­ate­ly rel­e­vant, “fleets need to go beyond the clas­sic approach to safe­ty,” which goes only so far in achiev­ing results, Mr. Latzko said. “The goal of micro­tar­get­ing is to achieve com­pli­ance by assur­ing that your safe dri­ving mes­sage res­onates.”

To illus­trate, Mr. Latzko cit­ed work by CEI Stu­dios – CEI’s in-house video pro­duc­tion depart­ment – to cre­ate videos for a client fleet that had had a surge in at-fault rear-end acci­dents. CEI cre­at­ed videos that cit­ed the company’s recent acci­dent and relat­ed injury sta­tis­tics and fea­tured pho­tos of actu­al fleet vehi­cles dam­aged in those acci­dents. CEI pro­duced two videos: one aimed at dri­vers, and anoth­er at field man­agers that cit­ed the impact of those acci­dents on com­pa­ny sales and rev­enue, and urged man­agers to dri­ve the safe­ty mes­sage to the dri­vers they super­vise.

“Our client told us that some dri­vers were so impressed with the video that they shared it with their fam­i­lies,” Mr. Latzko said, not­ing that pow­er­ful safe­ty mes­sages can have an impact beyond improved com­pli­ance with fleet pol­i­cy. “The keys to effec­tive micro­tar­get­ed videos are to focus on time­ly, top­i­cal issues that mat­ter to your dri­vers, make them easy to access and make sure they look good,” Mr. Latzko told the group.


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