Times are Changing for the Traditional Fleet Manager

We are thor­ough­ly enjoy­ing Ed Pierce’s new fleet mar­ket­ing col­umn ‘A Call to Action (for Fleet Providers)’  pub­lished month­ly in Fleet Man­age­ment Week­ly. In his July col­umn he said, “As any great sales per­son will tell you, sales is not about a great prod­uct or ser­vice, it’s about the customer’s per­cep­tion of val­ue.”

We thought about Ed’s state­ment while we inter­viewed a num­ber of dis­tin­guished fleet pro­fes­sion­als at NAFA’s recent Board of Gov­er­nors’ meet­ing in Orlan­do. The indus­try is chang­ing, they say; many fleet man­agers now report direct to strate­gic sourc­ing or work close­ly with these folks in purchasing/bid process­es, and sport new job titles. But we were struck by some­thing that we heard over and over again: the absolute val­ue these fleet pro­fes­sion­als are real­iz­ing by hav­ing earned their CAFM accred­i­ta­tion from NAFA.  Sev­er­al peo­ple said that they would not even have been con­sid­ered for their cur­rent posi­tion with­out it, and oth­ers said how the CAFM sta­tus sub­stan­tial­ly ele­vates the per­cep­tion of their very real capa­bil­i­ties to upper man­age­ment.

At one time or anoth­er near­ly all of us must ‘mar­ket’ our­selves  and we need to have the tools to do that effec­tive­ly. We think NAFA excels in fleet edu­ca­tion, whether it occurs at webi­na­rs, at local chap­ter meet­ings, the annu­al I&E, the Expo floor at I&E, fun­da­men­tal and advanced fleet man­age­ment sem­i­nars, and events such as this fall’s Inter­na­tion­al Fleet Acad­e­my  and the CAFM Boot­camp. Grad­u­ates tell us that it’s not easy to earn a CAFM, mak­ing it all the more valu­able in the mar­ket­place.

And while we’re talk­ing about excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ties to expand your fleet edu­ca­tion, don’t miss out on the 2014 AFLA Con­fer­ence – Sep­tem­ber 7–10 in Las Vegas. Great edu­ca­tion­al ses­sions, ter­rif­ic keynot­ers, and superb net­work­ing — so apt­ly named: “Improv­ing Your Odds for Fleet Suc­cess.”

Jan­ice Sut­ton
Exec­u­tive Edi­tor

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