Fleetmatics and the Fleet Safety Institute Co-Author Safety Whitepaper

As part of a mutu­al com­mit­ment to com­mer­cial fleet safe­ty, Fleet­mat­ics Group PLC (NYSE: FLTX), a lead­ing glob­al provider of soft­ware-as-a-ser­vice (SaaS)-based mobile work­force solu­tions for ser­vice-based busi­ness­es of all sizes, and Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute, a leader in pro­vid­ing indus­try best prac­tices and ser­vices, recent­ly announced the avail­abil­i­ty of a co-authored white paper. The announce­ment comes in con­junc­tion with the Fleet Safe­ty Con­fer­ence that took place from July 22–23 at the Renais­sance Schaum­burg Con­ven­tion Cen­ter Hotel in Schaum­burg, IL.

The paper enti­tled, “Ensur­ing Fleet and Dri­ver Safe­ty: How Tech­nol­o­gy Helps Ser­vice Busi­ness­es Adhere to Reg­u­la­tions and Pro­tect Employ­ees,” is designed to help edu­cate com­mer­cial fleet-relat­ed busi­ness­es about com­mon safe­ty-relat­ed issues and how to use tech­nol­o­gy to address them.

“Every year, thou­sands of road fatal­i­ties are attrib­uted to com­mer­cial vehi­cles,” said Dale Willis, Direc­tor of Prod­uct Mar­ket­ing – Busi­ness Intel­li­gence, Fleet­mat­ics. “The first step in reduc­ing this num­ber and ensur­ing greater safe­ty for every­one on the road is for busi­ness­es to adopt and enforce greater fleet safe­ty mea­sures. Not only can this save lives, but there are also busi­ness ben­e­fits asso­ci­at­ed with a safer fleet that can help com­pa­nies achieve world class safe­ty stan­dards.”

The white paper out­lines the myr­i­ad impacts of com­mer­cial fleet-relat­ed acci­dents, as well as the path to safe­ty ini­tia­tives that can mit­i­gate var­i­ous types of oper­a­tional risks.

“Aggres­sive and fatigued dri­ving are just two of the key issues fleet oper­a­tors must address,” said J. Kimo Ket­ner, Vice Pres­i­dent, Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute. “Advanced tech­nol­o­gy that, for one, allows for dri­ver-cen­tric ini­tia­tives, can be inte­gral to reign­ing in aggres­sive dri­ving habits and also help effi­cient­ly and cost effec­tive­ly address new Hours of Ser­vice reg­u­la­tions designed to com­bat fatigued dri­ving.”

The white paper was be dis­trib­uted at the afore­men­tioned Fleet Safe­ty Con­fer­ence and can also be found here: www.fleetmatics.com/ensuring-fleet-driver-safety-download.
About Fleet­mat­ics Group PLC

Fleet­mat­ics Group PLC is a lead­ing glob­al provider of mobile work­force solu­tions for ser­vice-based busi­ness­es of all sizes deliv­ered as soft­ware-as-a-ser­vice (SaaS). Our solu­tions enable busi­ness­es to meet the chal­lenges asso­ci­at­ed with man­ag­ing local fleets, and improve the pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of their mobile work­forces, by extract­ing action­able busi­ness intel­li­gence from real-time and his­tor­i­cal vehi­cle and dri­ver behav­ioral data.

Fleet­mat­ics Group’s intu­itive, cost-effec­tive Web-based solu­tions pro­vide fleet oper­a­tors with vis­i­bil­i­ty into vehi­cle loca­tion, fuel usage, speed and mileage, and oth­er insights into their mobile work­force, enabling them to reduce oper­at­ing and cap­i­tal costs, as well as increase rev­enue. An inte­grat­ed, full-fea­tured mobile work­force man­age­ment prod­uct pro­vides addi­tion­al effi­cien­cies relat­ed to job man­age­ment by empow­er­ing the field work­er and speed­ing the job com­ple­tion process — quote through pay­ment. As of March 31, 2014, Fleet­mat­ics served approx­i­mate­ly 23,000 cus­tomers, with about 472,000 vehi­cles world­wide.

To learn more about Fleet­mat­ics, vis­it www.fleetmatics.com.
About Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute

Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute is lead­ing the way in pro­vid­ing freight car­ri­ers and trans­porta­tion affil­i­at­ed com­pa­nies with com­pli­ance ser­vices, con­sult­ing, train­ing, crit­i­cal DOT res­o­lu­tion mat­ters and advanced tech­nol­o­gy to improve busi­ness process­es.

Com­pa­nies of all capac­i­ty rely on the years of expe­ri­ence and busi­ness pro­fes­sion­al­ism that Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute pro­vides. The results of Fleet Safe­ty Institute’s efforts pro­vide focused inter­ven­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties to solve myr­i­ad trans­porta­tion safe­ty issues and ulti­mate­ly improve indus­try best prac­tices.

To learn more about Fleet Safe­ty Insti­tute, vis­it www.fleetsafetyinstitute.com.

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