AmeriFleet to Establish New Company-Wide Training Initiative

Pro­gram is a Direct Result of Cus­tomer Feed­back, Desire to Pro­vide World Class Expe­ri­ence

Fleet logis­tics provider Amer­i­Fleet announced that it would under­take a com­pa­ny-wide train­ing ini­tia­tive that will touch all of the Alpharet­ta, Ga-based provider’s 350-plus employ­ees locat­ed in over a dozen region­al and satel­lite offices through­out North Amer­i­ca.

A direct response to cus­tomer feed­back gleaned dur­ing AmeriFleet’s “Voice of the Cus­tomer” activ­i­ties con­duct­ed dur­ing the last year, the train­ing efforts will be designed to help Amer­i­Fleet staffers lever­age the company’s con­sid­er­able assets to pro­vide an improved, world-class expe­ri­ence to its cus­tomers locat­ed in all 50 states, Cana­da and Puer­to Rico.

The pro­gram, the first of its kind for the 17-year-old com­pa­ny, is being devel­oped to enhance employ­ee per­for­mance across the company’s many discipline’s, espe­cial­ly in 5 key areas iden­ti­fied dur­ing almost 20 cus­tomer Focus Groups and over 150 inter­views with both top Fleet Man­agers and key FMC stake­hold­ers, includ­ing:

1) Improv­ing Cus­tomer Inti­ma­cy
2) Enhanc­ing Out­come Own­er­ship
3) Opti­miz­ing Tech­nol­o­gy
4) Stream­lin­ing Process­es and Pro­ce­dures
5) Being More Proac­tive

Accord­ing to Steve Gib­son, Senior Vice Pres­i­dent of Cus­tomer and Mar­ket Expe­ri­ence, Amer­i­Fleet wants its cus­tomers to know how seri­ous it is about not only lis­ten­ing to their feed­back, but doing some­thing with the valu­able infor­ma­tion they received. Not only to enhance its offer­ing, but to pro­vide an over-the-top cus­tomer expe­ri­ence that’s light years beyond what they have come to expect.

“Our cus­tomers were very gen­er­ous in giv­ing us their valu­able time and opin­ions,” Gib­son said. “We want them to know we heard what they had to say, and that we’re going to be work­ing hard to stand out at the things that mat­ter most to them.

“This train­ing ini­tia­tive is a direct result of the cus­tomer feed­back we heard dur­ing our “Voice of the Cus­tomer” inter­views, and we believe it will help us not only opti­mize our offer­ing, but help our peo­ple pro­vide the kind of world class expe­ri­ence our clients deserve every day.”

Led by Amer­i­Fleet-vet­er­an, Ter­ri Stiffler, efforts to design the new train­ing ini­tia­tive start­ed in July with inter­nal insights devel­op­ment and iden­ti­fy­ing key bench­marks that set a start­ing point, as well as time­line, for meet­ing expec­ta­tions.

The pro­gram, which was built on the ADDIE Prin­ci­ple: Ana­lyze, Design, Devel­op, Imple­ment, Eval­u­ate — is being devel­oped with direct employ­ee input, and will be designed to align employ­ee val­ues and goals with what cus­tomers are telling Amer­i­Fleet they want and need. In addi­tion, it will also seek to stan­dard­ize these new train­ing pro­ce­dures so they canbe bet­ter imple­ment­ed, test­ed, re-test­ed, and fine tuned in the future.

Ini­tial train­ing — which is expect­ed to start in the third quar­ter — will be fol­lowed by refresh­er cours­es on an ongo­ing basis. Amer­i­Fleet is also plan­ning to fur­ther engrain the ini­tia­tive with­in its employ­ee base by insti­tut­ing a pro­gram of con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion; start­ing peer to peer train­ing groups; and incen­tives to keep the company’s goals and aspi­ra­tions top of mind. It will also con­duct peri­od­ic employ­ee test­ing — as well as make adjust­ments based on employ­ee feed­back

In addi­tion to the ulti­mate goal of cre­at­ing a world class cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, the ini­tia­tive also will strive to help Amer­i­Fleet employ­ees become not only bet­ter employ­ees, but bet­ter Fleet pro­fes­sion­als in gen­er­al. It will also work to break down silos with­in the com­pa­ny, while grow­ing a lega­cy of trans­fer­able skills that will help employ­ees bet­ter under­stand — and sup­port — a wide range of jobs not just through­out the com­pa­ny, but through­out the Fleet indus­try.

Already the new train­ing ini­tia­tive is pay­ing ben­e­fits, as Amer­i­Fleet learns new things about its employ­ees, and the employ­ees learn more about how the com­pa­ny oper­ates across all depart­ments. It’s also help­ing the com­pa­ny iden­ti­fy what kinds of skills employ­ees have that can help the com­pa­ny build a bet­ter cus­tomer expe­ri­ence.

In one instance, a cur­rent Amer­i­Fleet dri­ver who is a for­mer moti­va­tion­al speak­er, has been tapped to help lead train­ing exer­cis­es; while anoth­er Amer­i­Fleet employ­ee who was a for­mer fleet man­ag­er for an office sup­ply com­pa­ny will be a reg­u­lar main­stay for their dri­ver and cus­tomer ser­vice train­ing pro­grams.

Per­haps most impor­tant­ly, the new train­ing pro­gram is the first major ini­tia­tive to come out of a robust, ongo­ing “Voice of the Cus­tomer” pro­gram the com­pa­ny expects to con­tin­ue pro­vid­ing valu­able cus­tomer insights for years to come.

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