10 Cars You Won’t See in Showrooms After 2015

The Ford Mus­tang is cel­e­brat­ing its 50th anniver­sary this year, but where are the Pon­ti­ac Fire­bird, Ply­mouth Bar­racu­da, or AMC Javelin? Long-lived car mod­els are a rar­i­ty, and the changes com­ing with the begin­ning of the 2015 mod­el are par­tic­u­lar­ly bumpy.

When a name­plate is dis­con­tin­ued, mul­ti­ple expla­na­tions are invoked: Its plat­form may have become obso­lete, ren­der­ing future upgrades uneco­nom­ic (the rea­son Ford offered when it took the orig­i­nal Tau­rus out of pro­duc­tion in 2007); Its body style may have fall­en from fash­ion (such as full-size two-doors like the Chevy Monte Car­lo); Or it may sim­ply not have caught on with buy­ers (like the Hon­da Ele­ment).

Then there’s a CEO like Fiat Chrysler’s CEO Ser­gio Mar­chionne who likes to shuf­fle the deck–no name­plate is safe. His use of mul­ti­ple brands com­bined with his insis­tence that FCA prod­ucts be sold under only one brand apiece has caused him to elim­i­nate many of the badge-engi­neered mod­els that used to keep Chrysler and Dodge deal­ers afloat.

The fol­low­ing is list of mod­els that have been declared defunct or are on the endan­gered list from FCA and a num­ber of oth­er automak­ers. They’ve suf­fered from a vari­ety of ills, but they all share one thing in com­mon: You won’t see them for sale in new car show­rooms much longer.

• Jaguar XK
• Chevro­let SS
• Ford Flex
• Dodge Duran­go
• Dodge Grand Car­a­van
• Chrysler 200 con­vert­ible
• Dodge Avenger
• Acu­ra TL
• Mini Coop­er Pace­man, Coupe, and Road­ster
• McLaren MP4-12C

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