Honda and Mercedes-Benz Lead ALG’s Brand Perception of Quality

Lar­ry Dominique

Brand per­cep­tion now plays a vital role in new vehi­cle sales growth and used vehi­cle val­ue reten­tion. Hon­da and Mer­cedes-Benz deliv­er the high­est qual­i­ty vehi­cles, accord­ing to ALG’s Brand Per­cep­tion of Qual­i­ty (BPQ) study. Hon­da had the high­est Main­stream brand rat­ings, fol­lowed by Toy­ota and Volk­swa­gen. Mer­cedes-Benz led Pre­mi­um brands, fol­lowed by Lexus and BMW. Euro­pean automak­ers took six of the top sev­en Main­stream brands.

See the full analy­sis for the ALG Brand Per­cep­tion of Qual­i­ty

Japan­ese Automak­ers Took Three of Top Four Main­stream Brands:
Domes­tic brands GMC, Ford, and Buick fin­ished next in the top Main­stream brands.

Brand Per­cep­tion Direct­ly Impacts How Quick­ly Vehi­cles Will Depre­ci­ate:
Con­sumers may lack expe­ri­ence with brand and need to con­sid­er how per­ceived in mar­ket­place.

Volk­swa­gen and Sub­aru Saw Lifts with Col­lege-Edu­cat­ed Respon­dents:
Jeep leaps into top three brands for Mil­len­ni­als, who val­ue authen­tic­i­ty.



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