Honda and Acura Again Take Edmund’s Retained Value Awards

Used Car News - June 18, 2014

Hon­da and Acu­ra each won the top prize in Edmunds’ Best Retained Val­ue Awards – with each win­ning for the third time since the awards were launched in 2011. Honda’s non-lux­u­ry vehi­cle award is based on a pro­ject­ed 50.1% resid­ual val­ue after five years, and Acura’s lux­u­ry award is based on a 45.4% resid­ual after that same time peri­od. It’s based on aver­age “cash” True Mar­ket Val­ue (TMV) pric­ing dur­ing a vehicle’s first five months in the mar­ket.



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