Black Book: A Hail of a Market and Gas Price Volatility

Dam­aged cars from heavy hail storms have recent­ly made it to auc­tions in Col­orado. Black Book ana­lysts were able to act accord­ing­ly to many of the sold units with their dings from severe weath­er that don’t end up in com­put­er sum­ma­ry sheets of sales. Avail­abil­i­ty of used cars in the mar­ket con­tin­ues to increase, giv­ing buy­ers more options – though over­abun­dance of sup­ply isn’t there yet in the four-to-five year old range.

Click here to watch the lat­est video report by Ricky Beg­gs — Senior VP, Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor, Black Book

Gaso­line Price Volatil­i­ty is Again a Top­ic at the Water Cool­er:
Real con­cern has to do with fac­tors in Mid­dle East and expect­ed gas price increas­es.

New Vehi­cle Sales Bring­ing More Trade-ins and Whole­sale Sup­ply:
Add in tra­di­tion­al sea­son­al sum­mer soft­en­ing goes with reports that prices are lev­el­ing off and adjust­ing down slight­ly.

Truck Mar­ket Con­tin­ues to Trend with Low­er Depre­ci­a­tion Lev­els than Cars:
While trucks have been depre­ci­at­ing, the change lev­el is still low­er than last year.



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