WEX: Level III Data: A Fleet Manager’s Fundamental Tool

Data is the most impor­tant tool in a fleet manager’s tool­box. Know­ing what’s being spent, and how, empow­ers man­agers to make the right pur­chas­ing deci­sions for their fleets with­out leav­ing it up to indi­vid­ual dri­vers. The more spe­cif­ic your data, the bet­ter informed your deci­sions will be. That’s where Lev­el III data cap­ture can help.

Lev­el III data is enhanced trans­ac­tion detail that helps fleet man­agers iden­ti­fy not just the “where” and the “when” behind a pur­chase, but also the “who”, “what”, and “how”. It’s a tool that can help fleets run more smooth­ly and cost-effi­cient­ly by pin­point­ing prob­lem areas before they spin out of con­trol. With­out Lev­el III data, fleet man­agers would need to man­u­al­ly audit state­ments to dis­cov­er poten­tial prob­lems.

In this whitepa­per, WEX will explore how Lev­el III data cap­ture enables man­agers to more effec­tive­ly admin­is­ter their fleets, includ­ing:

  • How Lev­el III data goes beyond what cor­po­rate cred­it cards offer
  • Exam­ples of how Lev­el III-only pur­chas­ing con­trols pre­vent fuel card fraud and mis­use
  • How Lev­el III helps gov­ern­ment agen­cies and non-prof­its iden­ti­fy tax­es for exemp­tion
  • How enhanced data can stream­line oper­a­tions and reduce costs

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