KBB Also Sees Seasonal Patterns Return in Second Half of April


Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Ana­lyst
Kel­ley Blue Book

Sea­son­al trends came back after mid-April after ratch­et­ing up in ear­ly March. Auc­tion val­ues increased an aver­age of $660 dur­ing March and half way through April. Reach­ing their peak in mid-April had been expect­ed as sup­ply and demand began to nor­mal­ize; and deal­ers were able to fin­ish stock­ing up on used vehi­cle inven­to­ry to meet con­sumer demand for sum­mer months. KBB expects nor­mal sea­son­al­i­ty trends to take over with down­ward tra­jec­to­ry through end of the year.

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At $3.61, Gas Prices Were 14 Cents High­er than April 2013 But 19 Cents Low­er than April 2012:
Com­bi­na­tion on low fuel prices and high­er mpg for non-hybrid vehi­cles has weak­ened used car val­ues for hybrid seg­ment.

Mid-Size Cars Saw Strongest Trade-in Activ­i­ty on KBB’s Online Shop­per Activ­i­ty:
Com­pact cars and full-size pick­ups expect­ed to see increased trade-in at deal­er­ships in upcom­ing months.

CPO Deal­ers Should Have Plen­ty of Inven­to­ry from Mid-Size and Com­pact Car Trade-ins:
Entry-lev­el lux­u­ry cars are sought-after seg­ment for CPOs by shop­pers in West­ern states.



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