Luann Dunkerley at NPTC: Truck Fleets Gain Greater Control of Assets by Outsourcing Accident Management

Ms. Dunker­ley, who is on the board of gov­er­nors of the Nation­al Pri­vate Truck Coun­cil Insti­tute, will lead CEI’s con­tin­gent at the con­fer­ence, being held at the Hilton Cincin­nati Nether­land Plaza Hotel, in Cincin­nati, OH, April 13–15. CEI will be exhibit­ing in Booth 607.

Since the recent reces­sion, many truck­ing com­pa­nies have been hav­ing to cope with few­er resources to man­age their fleet oper­a­tions, said Ms. Dunker­ley.  “Now that their busi­ness­es have start­ed to grow again, many are find­ing it dif­fi­cult to keep a close eye on the vehi­cles that go offline due to acci­dents,” she added.  “Those that have part­nered with CEI have dis­cov­ered we are lever­ag­ing their time, sav­ing them mon­ey on repairs and help­ing to dra­mat­i­cal­ly increase their recov­ery of acci­dent dam­ages from third-par­ty dri­vers.”

Ms. Dunker­ley said that last year, CEI saved all of its fleet cus­tomers more than $10 mil­lion in acci­dent repair costs and, for the fifth year in a row, recov­ered more than $30 mil­lion from third-p-arty dri­vers respon­si­ble for acci­dents with client fleet vehi­cles.



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