GPS Fleet Tracking: The Benefits of Being Web-Based

Sure, it seems like all GPS track­ing soft­ware is now web-based, but have you ever won­dered why? There are many ben­e­fits that come along with hav­ing an advanced host­ed solu­tion – it’s con­ve­nient, updates are eas­i­ly avail­able, and it can be quick­ly cus­tomized to any cus­tomer request.

Web-based fleet track­ing solu­tions allow you to login from any com­put­er, tablet or smart­phone by sim­ply log­ging in to your account. This makes it incred­i­bly con­ve­nient to always have a bird’s eye view over fleet activ­i­ty. With a month­ly sub­scrip­tion, updat­ed fea­tures are avail­able fre­quent­ly. Eas­i­ly cus­tomize the solu­tion to your spe­cif­ic needs, from a user friend­ly inter­face to cre­at­ing cus­tomized reports.

By going with a web-based fleet track­ing soft­ware, like GPS Insight, access your fleet while on the go, get updat­ed fea­tures instant­ly, and cus­tomize your solu­tion to fit your needs. CLICK HERE to learn more about the ben­e­fits of a web-based fleet track­ing solu­tion.



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