ALG’s Eric Lyman Looks at Where 2015 Residual Values Going


Eric Lyman
Vice Pres­i­dent, Edi­to­r­i­al and Con­sult­ing

ALG’s Eric Lyman shed some light on resid­ual val­ue fore­casts for sev­er­al 2015 mod­els dur­ing the New York Inter­na­tion­al Auto Show. Lyman based analy­sis on resid­ual val­ue of most cur­rent mod­el on the mar­ket, and looked at what incen­tives might be avail­able for the vehi­cle. Of all mod­els reviewed, the 2014 Maz­da MX-5 Mia­ta, 2014 Sub­aru Lega­cy, and 2014 Hyundai Sonata had the high­est resid­ual val­ues at 53%, 52.6%, and 52%, respec­tive­ly.

Read what Eric Lyman had to say about sev­er­al oth­er mod­els

Maz­da in Road­ster Cat­e­go­ry by Itself but Sub­ject to a Few Chal­lengers:
Mia­ta will sell in low vol­umes to enthu­si­asts, but it sets tone for rest of brand to have it in show­room.

Sub­aru Dou­bled Lega­cy Annu­al Sales Rate with Lat­est Gen­er­a­tion:
Sub­aru grow­ing share while keep­ing incen­tives and inven­to­ry lev­els low, which looks good for MY 2015 launch.

Redesigned 2011 Sonata Turned Mod­el Around in Many People’s Minds:
Mid­size sedans see­ing many redesigns; Sonata less polar­iz­ing and may have bet­ter stay­ing pow­er.



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