NADA Retention Report Analyzes Truck and SUV Trends

Jonathan Banks
Senior Direc­tor
NADA Used Car Guide

NADA released the sec­ond install­ment of its NADA reten­tion report detail­ing reten­tion per­for­mance of three-year-old used mod­els with the focus being on light duty trucks and SUVs – and tak­ing a look at hybrid SUVs and trucks. The high­est retain­ing seg­ment was large pick­ups at 62.5%, and the low­est retain­ing seg­ment was mid-size vans at 49.2%. The high­est retain­ing vehi­cle in the study was the Toy­ota Taco­ma with reten­tion val­ue at 80.7%, and the low­est retain­ing vehi­cle was the Suzu­ki Grand Vitara at 41.5%.

Here’s NADA Reten­tion Review: Light Duty Truck and SUV

Hybrid SUV and Truck Seg­ment Retains Aver­age Rate of 54.3%:
Low­er than near­ly all oth­er respec­tive seg­ments; Toy­ota High­lander hybrid has top reten­tion rate at 64.4%.

Com­pact Util­i­ty Seg­ment Had Aver­age Reten­tion of 56.6%
Seg­ment proves to be stronger than any of the car seg­ments.

Tremen­dous Demand for Large Pick­ups Keeps Reten­tion High at 62.5%:
Nis­san Titan is both low­est sell­ing and worst retain­ing large pick­up at 53.1%.



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