LeasePlan Launches Toll and Violations Solutions

Lease­Plan USA is team­ing with Amer­i­can Traf­fic Solu­tions (ATS) Fleet Ser­vices to imple­ment new toll and vio­la­tion solu­tions for its clients. TollPlanSM and Vio­la­tion­s­PlanSM are inno­v­a­tive pro­grams that will cap­ture and mon­i­tor data to assist clients in man­ag­ing the most com­mon traf­fic chal­lenges.

With the intro­duc­tion of TollPlan, an elec­tron­ic toll pay­ment solu­tion, Lease­Plan clients can save up to 50 per­cent on toll man­age­ment admin­is­tra­tion costs. TollPlan con­sol­i­dates mul­ti­ple toll accounts into one pro­gram, pro­vid­ing cen­tral­ized con­trols, report­ing and pay­ment pro­cess­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly, with TollPlan, there is vis­i­bil­i­ty into tolling activ­i­ty with a robust report­ing pack­age. The pro­gram also allows dri­vers to expe­ri­ence increased mobil­i­ty with the use of high-speed cash­less toll lanes and reduces and can even elim­i­nate a fleet’s risk of toll vio­la­tions.

And with the intro­duc­tion of Vio­la­tion­s­Plan, LeasePlan’s elec­tron­ic vio­la­tion man­age­ment solu­tion, clients can elim­i­nate the bur­den of pro­cess­ing traf­fic vio­la­tions. Vio­la­tion­s­Plan reduces the risk of penal­ties and offers sav­ings on aver­age of 60–70 per­cent over most fleets’ cur­rent process­es. In addi­tion, the pro­gram holds dri­vers account­able for their fleet vio­la­tions and asso­ci­at­ed fines. Lease­Plan clients can also improve fleet safe­ty with detailed report­ing that helps gain vis­i­bil­i­ty into a fleet’s vio­la­tion activ­i­ty and dri­ving behav­ior.

“Lease­Plan is pleased to part­ner with ATS on the imple­men­ta­tion of these new pro­grams. This col­lab­o­ra­tion will bring new solu­tions to the many chal­lenges of man­ag­ing tolls and vio­la­tions for our clients. These new pro­grams are just anoth­er exam­ple of how we work to make it eas­i­er to lease­plan,” Jon Toups, senior vice pres­i­dent, chief sales and mar­ket­ing offi­cer at Lease­Plan.

“ATS is excit­ed by the oppor­tu­ni­ty to offer our proven toll and vio­la­tion man­age­ment solu­tions to LeasePlan’s fleet cus­tomers,” said Adam Draizin, pres­i­dent of ATS Fleet Ser­vices. “With TollPlan, fleets can replace their cur­rent dis­con­nect­ed net­work of toll author­i­ties with one cen­tral­ized nation­al solu­tion, effec­tive­ly mak­ing man­ag­ing tolls as easy as man­ag­ing fuel. With Vio­la­tion­s­Plan, fleets can not only save mon­ey on their vio­la­tion man­age­ment, but also improve fleet safe­ty by incen­tiviz­ing dri­vers to be more account­able for their behav­ior on the road.”



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