5. Polar Vortex Freezes Car Sales

Detroit Free Press

Speed Read:

Moth­er Nature’s win­try blast froze some buy­ers out of show­rooms in Jan­u­ary as indus­try sales fell 3% from a year, but Chrysler and Nis­san over­came the chill to post sig­nif­i­cant increas­es.

The over­all annu­al sell­ing rate remained a robust 15.2 mil­lion vehi­cles, essen­tial­ly flat from Jan­u­ary 2013.

Drill Down Details:

  • Fiat Chrysler sales rose 8% , Nis­san was up almost 12%, Kia was up 2% and Hyundai was up by less than 1%.
  • Ford (down 8%), Gen­er­al Motors (down 12%), Toy­ota (down 7%), Hon­da (down 2%) and Volk­swa­gen (down 19%),
  • 37 states, which gen­er­al­ly account for about 61% of all new car sales, endured a cold­er than aver­age Jan­u­ary
  • In areas where the weath­er was good, such as in the West, sales were up.
  • Fleet sales also fell 14% because Ford delayed ship­ping about 7,500 vehi­cles
  • Hyundai report­ed its best Jan­u­ary in com­pa­ny his­to­ry, sell­ing 44,005 units for the month


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